Mixing / Agitating Equipment

Centennial Equipment is the leading distributor of Lightnin Mixers products, accessories and repairs in Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

Centennial Equipment is a premiere distributor of Lightnin Mixers, repair and service center provides commercial and residential businesses a wide range of mixer designs to fit your job. The Lightnin Mixers and Impellers are reliable, high quality equipment, but if anything should go wrong, we have a team of engineers and repair and service center to support you and provide rapid repairs.



Lightnin MixersDurable, long-lasting mixers, agitators, aerators, and flocculators for fluid process systems.

 Lightnin Impellers Providing Lightnin impeller to match every commercial mixing application.

Lightnin Repair, Service and Parts Service and repair for Lightnin mixer, gearbox and replacement parts.

Our team of engineers at Centennial Equipment will work with you to find the best mixer design to fit your job. Call Centennial Equipment today (303) 278-8400 with questions about Lightnin mixers and equipment. Our team of engineers and service and repair departments can help you find the right solution. 

Plas-Tanks and Accessories

Plas-Tanks provides manufactured fiberglass tanks. Centennial Equipment works alongside Plas-Tanks to provide customer designed RTP- manufactured fiberglass tanks to meet your specification. The materials in a Plas-Tank, Bryneer or Scrubbers are modern reinforced plastic products for tanks, portable water treatment, disinfection, and wastewater treatment solutions.

Tank Accessories

Centennial Equipment works with your team to provide the right tank to meet your business needs: 

Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic Tanks: The Plas-Tanks have no seams to weld and lighter weight means you use less costly lifting equipment. Maintenance is minimized because durable FRP will not rust or corrode. The FRP protects and prevents contamination in aggressive chemical environments, such as strong acids and alkalis.

Bryneer: The Plas-Tanks Bryneers bulk salt storage and brine maker was the first bringing system that is completely designed and manufactured by a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) fabricator.

Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic Scrubbers: Scrubbing systems are responsible for controlling air pollution and fumigation functions through reducing particulate expelled from industrial systems. Scrubbers may also remove acid gases produced from industrial processes. Utilization of scrubbers lowers emissions and reduce the harm of emitted substances on the environment.

Call Centennial Equipment today (303) 278-8400 with questions about Plas-Tanks products. Our team of engineers and service and repair departments can help you with find the right tank for your job.


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