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Rotary Gear Pumps by Viking Pump, Micropump, and ECO 

The Rotary Gear Pumps Centennial Equipment carries, service and repairs are the best in class. Centennial Equipment is the distributor of Viking Pump, Micropump, and ECO pump in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Viking Pump Rotary Gear Solutions

Viking pumps are defined as positive displacement pumps that displace a fixed quantity of liquid with each revolution of the pump by moving liquid between the pump elements and a stationary casing. Since 1911, Viking Pump has been the leading innovator and solutions provider for positive displacement pump applications around the world.

Internal Gear Pumps: The internal gear pumping principle was invented by Jens Nielsen, one of the founders of Viking Pump. It uses two rotating gears which un-mesh at the suction side of the pump to create a vacuum which pulls fluid into the pump. 

External Gear Pumps The external gear pumping principle uses two rotating gears which unmesh at the suction side of the pump to create a vacuum which pulls fluid into the pump.

Rotary Vane Pumps:  Vane pumps are used for liquid transfer applications from chemicals to liquefied gases. Vanes extend from slots in the rotor, sweeping liquid through a cam-shaped cavity. The vanes provide very low slip and high volumetric efficiency.

Viking Pumps Accessories: Accessories can be installed on your complete pump unit by Viking Pump or your distributor, or purchased separately.

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Compact, magnetically driven gear pump by MICROPUMP

The MICROPUMP series Centennial Equipment carries and repairs delivers exceptional pumping performance for abrasive fluid applications. These compact, magnetically driven gear pumps feature a cavity style design with no dynamic seals. With benefits like chemical resistance, abrasive fluids pumping and smooth, pulseless delivery, GJR Series pumps are available in standard and OEM configurations. View the entire product line.

ECO Pump Series provides a powerful and exceptional pumping performance.

The ECO Rotary Gear pumps offer the reliability needed to safely handle clear lubricating and non-lubricating liquids. Extensive material availability provides versatility for pumping low or high viscosity fluids over a broad range of temperatures, pressures, and corrosive substances. Learn more.

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